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For Owners

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Landlord Information

Owners Insurance

All owners MUST PURCHASE AND MAINTAIN “OL and T-Owner Landlord Tenant Liability Insurance” naming Takara Property Mgmt. LLC as additional insured during the TERM of the management of the property. A copy of the certificate of insurance and of the police is required.

Tenant Qualifications

Tenants are qualified based on; Financial Capability, Credit History and Rental History plus they are required to provide documentation.

Sale of Investment

If owners decide to Sell their investment property while it is tenant occupied, they are required to give tenant a 45 day notice to vacate. In any event the lease term will be binding unless otherwise agreed upon in writing between the parties. Once a 45 day notice is given, tenants may leave at any time.


We do semi-annual inspections of properties.

Repair and Maintance

We ask for automatic authorization up to $300 prior to notification of any repairs. Any deductions will have an invoice attached to your monthly statement for your review. If there are not enough funds to cover the repairs and maintenance, the owner would make the payments directly to the vendor.

Association Rules and Regulations

Owners that belong to Associations are subject to and must abide by their Rules and Regulations and anyone who they let reside on their property must do the same.

Preparing Unit for Occupancy

Prior to occupancy, the unit must be professionally cleaned, carpets shampooed and fumigated for pest control. Any health and/or safety issues will be taken care of prior to occupancy. Upon vacancy, tenants are required to do the same to our satisfaction and provide receipts.

Pet Policy

No PETS are allowed unless authorized by the owner. Tenants must sign a Pet Addendum if approved by the owner.

Residential Landlord Tenant Handbook

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Landlord Tenant Information Website